Team Building & Group Events

Do you want to do something different with your team? Then we have some engaging and interesting events which can be tailored just for you…


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We offer some unique and exciting events:

Victorian Murder Mystery at the County Gaol

The year is 1856 and the murdered corpse of one of the prison staff has just been discovered. We want you to play sleuth and inspect the gaol and question the suspects. But be warned, they’ll do all they can to throw you off the scent. Interactive performance is mingled with dinner and drinks.

After hours Crime and Punishment Tour

With exclusive access to one of Nottinghamshire’s most iconic buildings, hear about the marauders and murderers that have passed through or met their end right here. Prison life was bleak and brutal, take in the stories and experience the courts, gaol and caves after hours.

Ghost Suppers

Go deep within our gaol to discover unsolved mysteries and see if anything paranormal happens to you. With unexplained sounds, smells, sensations and apparitions reported frequently, it won’t only be the story teller giving you the heebie jeebies. Whether you’re a believer or not you’re still going to enjoy some great food and drink and have a fun time.

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