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The main building for the Galleries of Justice Museum is closed for renovation until 1st April 2017

From 1st April 2017, following a £1million Heritage Lottery Fund supported project, we will become the National Justice Museum. Using the UK’s largest collection relating to law, justice, crime and punishment, the new National Justice Museum will include an exciting range of new exhibition areas showcasing even more of our collection. There will also be a range of fun, interactive activities on offer for the whole family to enjoy.

We have outlined just some of our exciting and engaging tours below.  Our tours are forever changing and we run special, exclusive tours throughout the school holidays and depending on the time of year.  To find out which tour is taking place on the day you would like to visit, simply get in touch.

Our day time performance led tours and audio tours are suitable for boys and girls of all ages however, some very young children may find the tours scary due to the nature of the building.
For more information on tours please email [email protected]

*Please be aware that due to the nature of the building, in some parts of the tours there will be low ceilings, uneven floors and many steps.  Flat shoes are advisable and wrap up warm on the colder days throughout the year as some parts of the tour are outside.


Villainous Sheriff Tours

The Villainous Sheriff greets you in the Shire Hall and sentences you for your crimes. Discover the cells and dungeons below and experience punishment at the hands this legendary historical character. AVAILABLE SATURDAY, SUNDAY AND SCHOOL HOLIDAYS.

Crime and Punishment tour

Robin Hood isn’t the only outlaw to come from these parts. Find out about the appalling conditions of our gaol which led to the disgusted Victorian authorities closing its doors for good. Costumed actors will interact with you and one another to maximise the drama. AVAILABLE WEDNESDAY TO FRIDAY.

Ghost Tours

Go deep within our gaol to discover unsolved mysteries and see if anything paranormal happens to you. With unexplained sounds, sensations and apparitions reported frequently, it won’t only be the story teller giving you the heebie jeebies. Whether you are a believer or not, a great night is guaranteed! EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT.

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Facts and Felons Audio Tour

Explore our forbidding Criminal Court which has sent many a miscreant to their death and played theatre to human dissections and debauched entertainments. Scout the dark corridors and cells of our Gaol and hear about it's Georgian squalor and Victorian regimented cruelty. Unearth true stories of callous burials and spine chilling executions and the gruesome consequences of a packed crowd relishing in the hanging of a notorious family murderer. AVAILABLE MONDAYS AND TUESDAYS.

Murder Mystery Nights

The murdered corpse of one of the prison staff has just been discovered. Play sleuth and interrogate the suspects, but be warned...they will do all they can to throw you off scent!

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Terror Tours

Dare you wander deep underground where public access is usually denied? Who will you meet along the way and more important of all, will you escape?... EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT

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Prisoner Tale Tour

Explore the lost souls of former condemned prisoners who were tried, convicted and executed on this site as they guide you through the dark passages of the notorious county Gaol! You will be taken on a journey of Nottingham’s horrible history to explore our caves, cells and underground dungeons in this interactive tour. Discover years of local heritage and the darkest events that once took place here. SELECTED DATES THROUGHOUT THE YEAR.

Lace Market Heritage Audio Trail. Available daily - £2.95 per person

This audio guide with Joanna Lumley will lead you through the stately streets of Nottingham's famous and historical Lace Market, where Victorian splendour sits neatly on top of a cave system from a much earlier time.

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