HM Prison Service Collection

HM Prison Service Collection in the 1833 wing

What should prison be like?

Unpleasant places to punish and deter criminals?

A place to rehabilitate prisoners?

Prisons have attempted to do both at different times.

How do you punish criminals?  The rise of prisons

By the 1770s, as crime increased, it became obvious that harsh punishments such as hanging, whipping and transportation did not work. A more scientific and even handed approach to punishment was needed. The prison regime of hard labour, hard fare and a hard bed was born.

The HM Prison Service

This exhibition charts the story of Britain’s Prison Service. It is displayed in a wing of the Nottinghamshire Gaol, built in 1833 – where prisoners awaited trial, execution or transportation.

This exhibition can be seen as part of any actor led tour or guided tour.

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