Narrow Marsh exhibition

Narrow Marsh is a replica of the old Victorian slums, and is a great family experience.


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Enter the foul slums of Narrow Marsh, where criminals run as rampant as disease, where you are more likely to end up at the bottom of the River Leen than made ill by its polluted waters. In the scummy streets and destitute dens hide thugs, thieves and murderers just waiting for their next victim… 

Welcome to Narrow Marsh 

The eye-opening exhibition will give you an insight into Nottingham’s most infamous slums of the Victorian era.  Narrow Marsh was a heaving thoroughfare of trade and business (legal or otherwise), composed of narrow streets and even darker back alleys. Dress as a slum-dweller and explore the replica dwellings of some of Narrow Marsh’s infamous characters. Recreate shady goings on, using the replica streets, and you too, can shine a light on the murky world of Narrow Marsh.

Please note: This exhibition is only available to the public on specific dates and cannot be seen as part of the every day actor led tours. Please ask us for further details.

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