Robin Hood: The Rise of a Rebel

This engaging exhibition has been designed and implemented entirely by students from Nottingham Trent University. Visitors will delve into the medieval world of Robin Hood, see the legends evolve over time and most importantly, discover where the stories began in Nottingham: A divided town.

Explore Crime and Punishment in the dark ages with interactive and hands on activities for children, adults and the whole family completely FREE!

Set in a Saxon dwelling and Nottingham Castle, this Robin Hood exhibition has many enjoyable activities, such as a dressing-up corner for children and allows you to create your own poetry with Anglo-Saxon magnetic lyrics.

Additionally, this exhibition offers children a fun play area, a hand drawn medieval map of Nottingham, exciting, new feely boxes and a height chart alongside a real long bow! 

PLUS!  FREE children’s activities throughout the school holidays.

The exhibition is not just for the young and young at heart, but is extremely engaging for adults too, with fascinating facts and illustrations about the social context of Robin Hood’s time; rebellion, social order and control having cultural importance in shaping society and Nottingham today.

The infamous legends of Robin Hood has a particular importance and connection to the Galleries of Justice Museum, having been a base for the Sheriff of Nottingham for centuries.

Robin Hood

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